The vision to form an evangelical outfit propagated by teens and youth came around 1991/1992 on a clergy man, Rev. S.C Chukwuka (now Rt. Rev. S.C Chukwuka Rtd), when he was attending meeting in England. The vision came when he saw the dying condition and trend of youth un-involvement in the worship and propagation of the gospel in the church. This condition prompted the formation of teen/youth powered evangelical group with the following aims:

1          To primarily win the Youths of our generation to Christ and to raise a generation after us who knows Christ as their Lord and Saviour.

  1. To win the young ones in the Anglican communion to Christ and stimulate them to action so that they may reach out to their colleagues.
  2. To reach out to the young ones in our secondary schools.
  3. To make sure that the position of the youths in God’s divine programme for the church and the nations is occupied by the youths themselves.
  4. To make better provision for the church and nation of tomorrow by training up God fearing and dynamic youth leaders
  5. To advance Anglicanism by living a word based life and fight affectively the good fight of faith under the banner of Christ.


In 1993 at St. Bath’s Asata, Enugu, the group took off as a wing of Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC) with the name Young Anglican Crusaders (YAC). Rev. C.N.C Onyeledo (now pastor CNC Onyeledo) worked with the founder as a missionary towards actualizing the vision. Bro. Sam Chime (now Ven. Sam Chime) was the first Diocesan Traveling Secretary (DTS).

In 1995, YAC was established in Emmanuel (Ang.) Church, Achara Layout, Enugu. In 1996 the ministry was officially inaugurated by the Bishop of Enugu, Rt. Rev. E.O Chukwuma as a Diocesan arm of the church with Rev. Emeka Ezeji (now Ven Emeka Ezeji) as the first Chaplain and Bro. Ifeanyi Agu (now Rev Ifeanyi Agu) as the Diocesan coordinator. The ministry spread to Dioceses on the Niger, Nnewi and Nsukka.



The foundation of the ministry was first introduced in Nsukka in 1997 by a group of passionate youth from the Cathedral Church of St. Paul’s, Nsukka. These youths assumed a sensitive position responsible for the revival of the church, which seemed at the time in claws of spiritual and moral decadence.

Bro Ugochukwu James Iloefe caught the vision of the ministry but was not able to carry it without the help of his friends: Late Ogugua Okereke, Echezona Chukwuemeka, Ifeanyi Ilukwe, Kenechukwu Udensi and Ibe Nwachukwu. The first meeting held on 18th February, 1997 and with the help of Ven. Nvuka the ministry took off properly on 21st February, 1998. It was later discovered that an organization in Enugu Diocese had the same vision. The ministry at Nsukka called their attention and adopted their name – Young Anglican Crusaders (YAC).

The ministry was inaugurated in Nsukka Diocese by Rt. Rev. J.C Iloluba (Bishop Emeritus)in 1998 synod meeting. We will not fail to acknowledge the passion of Canon J.C Urama, Sister Engineer Dozie Eze and others who fought vibrantly in defence of the ministry when the issue of YAC was fiercely debated in 1998 synod which led to our inauguration. Ven. A.N.C. Ogbochie did not fail to encourage us in tough times, and Ven. Nvuka whose invaluable spiritual and material support was our greatest source of encouragement in all that we did.

Officially, Rev. Akunna became the first Diocesan Chaplain

Rev. Aloysus Agbo (now Rt. Rev.A E Agbo, Bishop of Nsukka Diocese) -the first Chaplain of the Head Quarters St. Paul’s Cathedral Nsukka and

Bro Ugo Iloefe – Traveling Secretary (T.S.)



Following the inauguration, Ugochukwu Iloefe continued as the T.S and pioneer of the ministry. In the year 2004 he officially became the first Diocesan Traveling Secretary (D.T.S) and President of YAC. In 2004, YAC was planted at St. Luke’s, Isiakpu, which helped to bring the following persons to work with him:

Late Samson Gabriel                       – Diocesan Vice-President

Gideon Attah                                    – Diocesan Secretary,

Echezona Chukwuemeka                – Diocesan Prayer Secretary and

Bro Caleb Onyekachi Ugwuobute – Diocesan Mission Coordinator.

Ugo lloefe did more of the foundational works. During his tenure groups like: St. Luke’s Isiakpu, St. Bath’s Obimo, St, John’s  Orba Road. St. John’s Onuiyi and St, Mary’s Opi were planted

In the year 2005, the Executive was reconstituted thus:

Late Samson Gabriel                       – Diocesan Coordinator

Bro. Onyeka Ugwuobute                 – Diocesan Mission Coordinator

Bro. Echezona Chukwuemeka       – Diocesan Prayer Secretary

Bro. Gideon Attah                           – Diocesan Secretary

During this tenure, we embarked more on outreach programs which led to planting of more YAC groups and spiritual growth of men in the already existing groups. Groups like St. James Orba, Ibagwa and St. Stephen’s Eha-Alumona came to be through this tenure’s tireless effort. Late Bro Gabriel died in an active service through a fatal accident. On the hospital bed, he was still encouraging the executive not to relent in their work until he passed on. In his words to Bro. Echezona, “This work must continue”.

After the death of Bro. Samson Gabriel, Echezona Chukwuemeka became the diocesan coordinator in the year 2006. Bro Eche was able to drive home the vision Samson Gabriel initiated.  His tenure recorded one of the greatest Pentecostal moves. Quite a number of groups were planted. Echezona did well to ensure revivals in the various groups.

Top on his achievements was the completion of YAC constitution in 2006.

Further more, the tenure led by Bro. Eche was able to produce her maiden magazine edition titled “CRUSADERS”. Our brother successfully handed over to Gideon Attah in 2008, and has worked closely with the ministry till date.

In 2008, Bro Gideon Chijioke Attah succeeded Echezonachukwu as the forth diocesan coordinator under the ministry of YAC. His leadership tenure which lasted for two years could be likened to as the military regime” He was a man of great/high discipline and integrity. During his tenure most of the elders of the ministry left for a wider scope of living. He was left with a very tender/new generation to work with.

He was one of the most passionate individuals that ever led YAC in history. His courage and discipline helped in restructuring of the leadership system of YAC. It was during his leadership tenure that this young generation of leaders learnt simple leadership ethics like discipline, obedience and commitment particularly to this divine mandate. Our brother never believed in working with a multitude rather a few hands that are willing to do the work. However, the few that were readily available to work with him became burdened with work as he stressed them all through. He did not only concentrate in leadership restructuring, he went further to revive the already existing groups. More so, for effective leadership and evangelical work the tenure initiated and grouped the chapters within a zone into YAC Archdeaconry body with coordinators as follows: Enugu-Ezike – Bro. Kingsley Ogbonna, Igbagwa – Bro. Chikwado, and Opi – Bro. Onyebuchi. Though not too many groups were planted in his time, Bro. Gideon did not joke with mission outreaches. Worthy of note was a 7day mission outreach at St. James Orba, one of the oldest groups in the diocese that had stopped fellowshipping for a long time. They had stood on their feet till date after the 7 day mission outreach. Still in his tenure, programmes like, Diocesan Yearly Set Apart and Night of Banquet were introduced.

More so, we traveled to Eha-Amufu to revive groups that were weak when they were still under Nsukka Diocese. After they became a Diocese, Bro. Gideon took a bold attempt to inaugurate YAC in the Diocese. Souls were won to God in the course of our mission outreaches to the Diocese. On the side of projects, the tenure was able to produce maiden almanac that summarized a pictorial history of YAC.



Bro. Gideon Attah                – Diocesan President

Omeke Emmanuel                – Diocesan Vice President/Prayer Secretary,

Onyishi Obiora                     – Diocesan Secretary,

Nnamdi Eze                          – Diocesan Drama coordinator

Bro. Ugonna Eze                  – Diocesan O.G S/P.R.O,

Sister Faith Idoko                 – Diocesan Financial Secretary/Treasurer,

Ugochukwu Ogbene                        – Diocesan Mission Coordinator,

Eze Emmanuel                     – Diocesan Prayer Secretary,

Sis Loveth Ugwuanyi           – Sis Coordinator,

Eze Kenneth                         – Assistant Mission Coordinator,

Chinyere Nwobodo             – Diocesan Welfare Coordinator

Sis Chidimma Omeje           – Assistant Diocesan Welfare Coordinator

In February, 2010, Bro. Gideon duly and officially handed over to Bro Ugonna Samuelson Eze who has remained on the seat till date. Ugonna, a lean and lenient young man but as hard working as an ant. He believes in carrying everyone along.


While Bro. Gideon had started with leadership restructuring, Ugonna made the vision more realistic, he worked tirelessly in ensuring a formidable leadership body. In bid to achieving this, Leadership Portrait files were issued out to the leaders in groups, Archdeaconries and Diocesan tiers of the ministry in 2012. In addition, a monthly Diocesan Leadership Training Programme was initiated and promptly came out in order to maintain high leadership standard. We took out time to visit groups, restructuring the leadership system to ensure a more standard and effective body.


This tenure recorded the greatest mission and revival moves so far. More Archdeaconry bodies were created, viz:

Cathedral Deanery

Nsukka Archdeaconry

Nsukka Central Archdeaconry

Ovoko Archdeaconry

Alor-Uno Archdeaconry

Amufie Archdeaconry and

Aku Archdeaconry.

­More so, between fifteen to twenty (15-20) groups were planted, and constantly followed up for an interval of three (3) months

A lot of revival programmes were carried out in groups, Archdeaconries and Diocesan level. The tenure creates a balance between spiritual and other necessary facets of life such as skill acquisition, academic progress and others. This was embarked on through “Academy of Grace”, a programme basically for JAMB and WAEC candidates.

The Night of Banquet was improved with slide show presentations, which exposed some of the hidden satanic trends and agenda against the youths.

Other striking events include: Joint fellowship programme, Reunion, and special bible study. The prayer wing was biffed up by special prayer conference, prayer Quake night and monthly diocesan prayer night.



This tenure created a media department. The media crew has been a source of fund to the ministry. In order to ensure a standard coverage, a lot of equipment have been purchased for the sector. They include: two digital camcorders duplicating machine for the mass production of DVD-plates, external hard disk, tripod stand, and laptop for editing of videos.

Still on projects, quite some amount of money has been raised to buy a bus which had stood as one of our greatest challenges over the years.

In our vision, we hope to raise a crop of youths that will stand firmly for Christ till eternity; youths that are balanced spiritually, academically and economically.



Bro Ugonna Eze Samuelson – Diocesan Coordinator

Onyishi Obiora S.                  – Diocesan Vice-President/Secretary

Nnamdi Eze                           – Diocesan Drama Coordinator

Eze Kenneth                          – Diocesan Prayer Secretary

Praise God Madueme                        – Asst. Diocesan Prayer Secretary

Omeke Emmanuel                  – Diocesan Mission Coordinator

Attah Emenike                       – Asst. Diocesan Mission Coordinator

Sis Joy Asadu                                    – Diocesan Treasurer/Financial Secretary

Ikenna Onyishi                       – Diocesan O.G.S/P.R.O

Basil Ugwu                            – Diocesan Bible Study Secretary



Bro Ugonna Eze Samuelson – Diocesan Coordinator

Onyishi Obiora S.                  – Diocesan Vice-President/Secretary

Nnamdi Eze                           – Diocesan Drama Coordinator

Praise-God Madueme                        – Diocesan Prayer Sec

Juliet   Ukwueze                    – Assist. Diocesan Prayer Sec

Ugwuikpeny Chinwendu       – Diocesan Mission Coordinator

Basil Ugwu                             – Diocesan Bible Study Secretary

Ikenna Onyishi                       – Diocesan O.G.S/P.R.O

Sis Joy Asadu                                    – Diocesan Treasurer/Financial Secretary

Sis Peace Agbo                      – Financial Secretary

Sis Kelechi Ayogu                 – Diocesan Sisters’ Coordinator

Sis Blessing Ugochukwu       – Diocesan Welfare Coordinator


Archdeaconry Coordinator

Bro. Chinaza Agbaleke          – Cathedral

Sis Kelechi Ayogu                 – Ibagwa Archdeaconry

Bro Sabastine Ugwu              – Ovoko Archdeaconry

Bro Chukwuebuka Abugu     – Alor-Uno Archdeaconry

Bro Walter Asogwa               – Opi Archdeaconry

Bro Hyginius Omeh               – Enugu-Ezike/Amufie Archdeaconry

Bro. Vitalis Kelechukwu       – Nsukka Central Archdeaconry

Bro. Chinonso Ewemi            – Nsukka Archdeaconry


Summary of YAC Programmes

Youth rally/conference

Monthly diocesan meeting/leadership training

Night of Banquet

Yearly Set Apart


Prayer Conference/Prayer Quake

Diocesan Prayer Night

Sisters Forum/Conference

Brothers Forum

Academy of Grace

Joint Fellowship

YAC Week and others.

In conclusion, we thank the Almighty God who has been our help in ages past, and our Lord. Bishop, Rt. Rev. A.E. Agbo (JP) has encouraged us in many ways. Irrespective of all hitches faced as a ministry, we have refused to withdraw our unalloyed faith to this divine mandate, believing God to take yonder.