Women Ministry





The women Ministry in the Diocese of Nsukka is a Christian Organisation which promotes the well being of families worldwide.

The purpose of this ministry is to be specially concerned with all that strengthens and preserves marriages and Christian family life.Its aim is the advancement of Christianity in the sphere of marriage and family life. For this Ministry to carry out this aim, its objectives are:-

  • To uphold Christ’s teaching in the nature of marriage and promote its widows understanding
  • To encourage parents to bring up their children in the faith and life of the church.
  • To maintain a world-wide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and services.
  • To promote conditions in the society favourable to family life and the protection of children
  • To help those whose family life has met with adversity.


The Women Ministry over the years since the inauguration of Nsukka Diocese in 1994 has functioned actively under the following leadership

  • R.U. Ilonuba (Nnediugwu) President MU, WG, YW, GG – 1994 – 2008
  • Jane Ogbonna  – Mother’s Union Worker                 – 1994 – 2006
  • Lady Promise Okonkwo – M.U. Secretary                              – 1994 – 2008
  • Osonwa Beatrice Anioke – Fin. Secretary – 1994 – 1999.
  • Lady Joy Obayi  – Fin. Secretary                                 – 2000 – 2008
  • Lady Beatrice Ugwoke  – Treasurer                                        – 1994 – 1999
  • Dame Christiana Itodo  – Treasurer                                        – 2000 – 2008
  • Dame Uche Igbokwe  – Diocesan Promoter                                    – 1994 – 2008
  • Late Mrs. Lois Okeke  – Chairman Conference Planning     – 1994 – 2000
  • Osonwa Anioke – Chairman Conference Planning     – 2000 – 2008
  • Ebere Asad  – M.U. Worker                                 – 2006 – 2008


Mrs. R.U. Ilonuba worked actively under the following units

  • Prayer & Spirituality Unit – Prof. Ngozi Nam                 – 1994 – 2008
  • Action & outreach Unit        – Dame Seline Adibua           – 1994 – 2008
  • Marketing Unit – Mrs. Chinyere Ukwueze     – 1994 – 2008
  • Finance & Central Services – Lady Evelyn Chikwendu    – 1994 – 2008
  • Training Unit – Mrs. Florence Ugwu           – 1994 – 2008
  • Kitchen unit – Mrs. Ngozi urama               – 1994 – 2008
  • Students unit – Lady Christy Onwura         – 1994 – 2008
  • All events – Lady Prof. Uche Ngozi      – 1994 – 2008
  • Girls Guild Unit – Dr. Mrs. Stella Madueme    – 1994 – 2008
  • Young Wives Unit – Lady Nkechi Ikpeze           – 1994 – 2008


In 2008, the mantle of leadership fell on Mrs. Ifeoma A. Agbo (JP) when Mrs. R.U. Ilonuba retired from service. In the year 2008, Mrs. Ifeaoma A. Agbo (JP) took over as the President MU, W.G, Y.W and GG. She has since been working with the following officials:-

  • Ifeoma A. Agbo (JP) – President MU, WG, YW, GG        – 2008 – date
  • Lady Victoria Asogwa – MU Secretary                                 – 2008 – date
  • Lady Prof. Chika Ogonu – Asst. Secretary                                – 2008 – date
  • Ngozi Urama – Mother’s Union Worker                 – 2008 – date
  • Lady Dr. Joy Obayi – Fin. Secretary                                  – 2008 – date
  • Charity Eze – Treasurer                                         – 2008 – date
  • Lady Chinwe Onwurah – Diocesan Promotes                         – 2008 – date
  • Patience Ezemma – Diocesan Protocol                           – 2008 – date


The Women Ministry under at present has the following Mother’s Union Units with their co-Coordinators given.

  • Prayer & Spirituality Unit     –           Mrs. Mabel Dimelu – 2008 – date
  • Action & Outreach Unit – Prof. Mrs. Patience Osadebe – 2008 – date
  • Marketing Unit – Mrs. Chinasa Eze – 2008 – date
  • Finance & Central Services – Lady MaryRose Ngwu – 2008 –date
  • Project Unit – Dr. Mrs. Stella Madueme – 2008 – date
  • Training Unit – Lady Promise Okonkwo – 2008 – date
  • Student’s Unit – Mrs. Ijeoma Ugwu – 2008 – date
  • Kitchen Unit – Mrs. Chekwube Ene – 2008 – date
  • Medical Unit – Mrs. Azuka Ekpunobi – 2008 – date
  • Choral Unit – Mrs. Patricial Uchendu Odo – 2008 – date
  • Girls Guild – Mrs. Nkechi Ukwueze – 2008 – date
  • Young Wives – Lady Nkechi Ikpeze – 2008 – date
  • Bethany Plaza – Mrs. Evelyn Urama – 2008 – date
  • Conference Planning – Mrs. Florence Ugwu – 2008 –date


The activities of the Women Ministry of Anglican Diocese of Nsukka hinges on the given units, thus their activities are stated systematically.



This unit is concerned especially with the third objective of the women ministry. The prayer and spirituality Unit plays a central role in the lives of all women because prayer is Central to everything the women Ministry does. The Unit helps members and non-members to grow in Christian faith through the following:-


  1. Production of Bible study guides which the women use in their meetings.
  2. Organising programmes for the Women such as
  3. Beginning of the year fasting programme and prayer convocation
  4. Plan prayer for the women during the prayer wave, world day of prayer, and annunciation of the blessed Virgin Mary and Mothering Sunday
  5. Organise bible quiz for the women during the Diocesan Women Conference.
  6. Always standing at the gap in every programme organized by the women especially Diocese women conference.



 The Action and Outreach Unit of the diocesan Women Ministry has been in existence since the pioneering years of the Diocese dated back to 1994. However, its membership was reconstituted in 2008 shortly after the consecration of the present Bishop. It was charged with the responsibility of joining forces with other evangelical arms of the Diocese to further evangelical and discipling work in the Diocese. To achieve this, the Unit was commissioned to collaborate with the prayer and Spirituality Unit for maximum spiritual results. The Bishop in his wisdom, assigned three churches to the Women Ministry. These churches by outline of duty, came under the purview of Action and Outreach Unit. The Unit, through its regular visits and outreaches plays an oversight role over the three churches, namely,

Emmanuel Anglican Church, Ezimo-Agu

St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Igga

Emmanuel Anglican Church, Onicha-Enugu

Through this Unit, Mothers’ Union (MU) nurses and sees to the constant growth of the churches. The Union also supports them in church-building and pastors’ maintenance.

 Unit membership

 The Unit is made up of the following persons

Prof. (Mrs) Patience O. Osadebe, FAS         –           Coordinator

Mrs. Leticia Okechukwu                               –           Secretary

Mrs. Chiazo Igboeli                                       –           Treasurer

Mrs. Ify Ikwuebesi                                        –           Prayer Secretary/Subunit Cordinator

Mrs. Ngozi Otti                                             –           Welfare Officer/Subunit coordinator

Mrs. Patience Ezema                                     –           Protocols/Calendar Subunit Coordinator

Mrs. Chinwe Onwurah                                  –           Coordinator, Cradle magazine Subunit

Mrs. Ifeanyi Okolo                                        –           Member

Mrs. Cordelia Ugwu                                      –           Member

Mrs. Ojiugo Enibe                                         –           Member

Mrs. Nkechi Ugwuoke                                  –           New Volunteer member


The Unit meets monthly to pray and discuss issues as are needful. However, in the event of imminent programme, it meets as often as is necessary to ensure a good success.



 The Unit holds evangelical outreaches to the MU churches, which usually involve both open air crusade and house to house witnessing. Many of such outreaches have been held at Igga, Ezimo Agu and Onicha-Enugu churches. The church at Igaa in particular has received the greatest share of our evangelical programmes, probably because of the prevailing spiritual challenges that existed at the onset of our work. Even though some of those challenges are still staring us at the face, over the three years we launched massive evangelism there, the Lord had helped us greatly. In May, 7th – 9th, 2010, the Unit coordinated an MU three-day outreach to the church. The participants included the diocesan MU president, MU chaplain, many clergy wives, and many Parish and Church Prayer and Spirituality Coordinators. The women had to sleep for 3 days in the village to achieve their vision. As a result, many people surrendered their lives to Jesus. During this same programme, by the motivation of the Guest speaker, free will donations were made for the building of the church’s permanent structure. A sum of about 400,000.00 Naira was realized. This was used to kick-start the church building. We are glad to observe that after three years of our input there, the membership has grown currently numbering about 120 members including children and youth. This year also, a very successful outreach was held there. Before embarking on the mission, we prayed that one herbalist, who has been a thorn in the flesh of the church should be available in his residence to hear the gospel. The Lord heard our prayers, for during the two-y-two house-to-house witnessing, a group stumbled on him at a neighbourhood and witnessed to him. Verbal testimony indicated he has sobered, for at the end of the discussion, he gave the witness his number and asked her to keep in touch. Mothers’ Union has donated a lot of money towards the church building and it is coming up fast and fine. This time, we met many young people in the church, an indication that there is a future for the good work being done there. The idol – worshipping lifestyle of the people has been a major challenge.


Similar crusades and mission have also been held at Ezimo-Agu, And Onicha-Enugu. Thanks to the Almighty God and to our Lord Bishop who has been sending Spirit-filled Pastors to these churches. At the last evangelical outreach to Ezimo-Agu, a family repented and joined the church, whose child has his DADA hair shaven and prayed for by our team.



 The Unit, as part of its outreaches has distributed over 500 pieces of Nigerian wax (Abada) and numerous bags of fairly-used clothes. These are usually shared as we are led, primarily to widows and indigent participants. At Ezimo-Agu, some of the converts who received these clothes wore them to church service the next day, signifying that some clothing needs were met. During our last who visit to St. Peter’s Igga, we were led to give out 25,000 to bring back a church workers’ wife was detained for over three months by the administration of the hospital where she was delivered of a baby by caesarean section because of inability to pay hospital bills. The Husband has offset part of the bill but was unable to pay off. The MU mission team was till at the Outreach when the woman was brought home and it was a thing of joy for all of us.



 The Unit also organizes free medical services as part of our mission outreaches. Such medical outreaches has been held at Ezimo-Agu, Igga, Aku, Obool-Afor, Alor-Uno, Ibagwa and Enugu-Ezike. This is usually carried out in collaboration with our Medical unit made up of qualified nurses. Rev. Dr. Sam Chukwuemeka has always served as our doctor in the spirit of meekness. His prescriptions are dispensed under the supervision of the Coordinator who is an experienced pharmacist. Medical activities also include screening for hypertension and diabetes. We have had cases where hypertension and diabetes were diagnosed for the first time during our outreach. Drugs are usually donated by welfare-spirited Christians in the Diocese and beyond.




The Unit also organizes outreaches for widows at Diocesan and Archdeaconry levels. Such has successfully been held in more than 10 Archdeaconries. New and fairly used items of clothing are distributed freely. Free medical outreaches are also carried out. In one of our outreaches, a prevalence of pregnancy among the widows was observed. As a follow-up, the unit included talks and seminars designed to emphasize chastity and acquisition of skills so that they could cope on with life after the death of their husbands without anyone taking under advantage of them through financial blackmail. The widows are often very young women. Some were married to very old men who have lived their lives and gone. Illiteracy and poverty were seen to be a major militating factor that encouraged pre-mature marriage. A Diocesan-wide outreach is scheduled for October 2013, where we hope to reach out to all of the widows in a higher dimension.



Action and Outreach Unit is responsible for the publication of a magazine of the Women ministry known as “The Cradle”. In 2011, a very rich edition was published and launched during the Diocesan Women Conference. The edition contained many heading including topics on evangelism and soul-winning, health, youths, skill acquisition, child upbringing and several others



The Unit, in conjunction with the Diocesan Women Conference Planning Committee ensures an annual production of the MU calendar which features portraits of clergy wives, other church workers’ wives and other diocesan officials. The MU calendar is famous in homes because of its usual content of market days, which women and families find very useful.



The Unit’s activities are partially sponsored by the MU under the auspices of the president of the Mother’s Union, Women’s Guild, Young wives and Girls Guild, Mrs. Ifeoma A. Agbo. However, financial supports for our activities come largely from free-will donations from children of God who love philanthropy and charity work. Their names will not be listed here but we know that God has blessed them and will continue to bless them. We would like to also use this forum to call on all to donate freely towards taking the gospel to the interior areas of Nsukka Diocese and towards the betterment of the lives of the less privileged in our society. Those willing to donate are to contact us on 07034431182 (MU president) or 0837754851 (Unit Coordinator)



The activities of the marketing Unit since the inception of our Diocese.

As it is the responsibility of this unit to increase membership, generate income through fund raising and sponsorship, the unit has been into the following activities

  1. Production of cradle magazine which is done biannually. The magazines are sold to generate fund for the women ministry.
  2. This unit encouraged and gingered the women of the Diocese into donating blocks which were used in the fencing of the cathedral Compound and the Bishops Court.
  3. To avert the issue of heavy assessment on Churches and Parishes, this unit went into business ventures. A poultry farm was opened and a shopping plaza was built. These have been big source of income to the women Ministry of Nsukka Diocese.
  4. This unit has gone into the production of bags, neckties, MU & WG brouch which are sold during conferences to raise fund for Women Ministry.



Finance unit and central services has been the power house that holds every other unit of the women ministry. This unit plans the budget of the women ministry and presents it to the management of the women ministry.

The management comprises the Bishop’s wife, all the Archdeacons wives, all the coordinators and the Women Ministry’s’ chaplains. After the budget presentation and if they okay the budget, it will now be read to the executive. It is the duty of the finance unit to share the budget to the churches according to their strength.

The unit organized workshops from time to time especially from 1995 to 1998 educating women on how to get money from what they produce in their locality without tasking women. For instance, there was a time workshop on how to store kernel, oil, plant plantain, groundnut etc. all these they would sale and make a lot of gains that would help settle their quota etc. these modalities of raising money without much stress have been helpful to the churches. When the women started adjusting to that, the trend of the workshop changed from raising to saving money. Recently, the unit organized workshop for the financial secretaries and treasurers of every parish.



 Finance and central services unit contribute in organizing Diocesan Women Conference and have the obligation for the conference. The Unit, after Diocesan Women Conference, makes financial reports of the conference to the executive of the Women Ministry.

The central services of the finance unit sale Diocesan cloth in the office and also attend to people’s day to day business of the Women Ministry.

Finance unit is as old as the Diocese, the coordinator of the unit from 1994 – 2008 was Lady Evelyn Chikwendu. After two years of the unit’s work, they were able to procure the first Mothers’ Union Bus. They equally helped the girl’s guild to purchase their own bus. Two years later, another bus was bought for the Women Ministry. By 2007, another vehicle belonging to the Women Ministry was bought.

In 2/2/2004 to be precised, the women released the first part of the money used in building the multi million naira Bethany Plaza. This project was handled by late Sir Uchendu, Sir Onu and Engr. Nwoji.

Finance unit sponsored the kitchen equipment in the old Bishop’s court and the New Bishop’s court. The Unit at inception took the training of priests but later stopped. The unit support the Diocese by donating lump sum of money every synod. This is to help the Diocese in any project they embark on. The unit gave scholarship to a disabled girl. They also have 3 churches which they take care of. The Unit release money to Units to support them in every project they embark on. For instance, the newly purchased vehicles (Buses and Diana), water project which is now serving the Nsukka Community and environ.

The unit has successfully organized conferences as follows:-

1994                –          Ovoko

1995                –          Ibagwa

1996                –          Aku

1997                –          Opi

1998                –          Cathedral

1999               –           Amufie

2000                –          Edemani

2001               –           Alor-Uno

2002                –          Onuiyi

2003                –          Ovoko

2004                –          Neke

2005                –          Cathedral

2006                –          Ibagwa

2007                –          Aku

2008                –          Uda

2009                –          Opi

2010                –          Ovoko

2011                –          Alor-Uno

2012                –          Cathedral


The money realized from these conferences were judiciously utilized to the benefit of the Diocese.

The Unit featured in 125th Anniversary to mark the mothers Union in Nigeria. That was on 14/7/2001 at Christ Church Chapel U.N.N.

There was cutting of cake to mark the occasion and the money realized was N66,510 which was used for the visit to motherless babies home.

The Unit equally participated in 80th anniversary of the Women’s Guild at Amufie on 20/5/2001. Not much was realized. There was registration of members. Cutting of cake and lunching of calendar, and offering, a total of N79,735.00 was realized. N10,000.00 was spent on feeding the delegates.


 1994 – 1999: Finance Cooordinator                        –          Lady Evelyn Chikwendu

Financial Secretary                –          Mrs. Osonwa Beatrice Anioke

Treasurer                                –          Lady Beatrice Ugwoke



 Lady Promise Okonkwo

Lady Evelyn Onah

Mrs. Justina Ilo

Lady Ruth Ayogu

Lady Ginika mesigo

Mrs. Beatrice Eze

Mrs. Chinwe Diara

Mrs. Chinyere Chinweuko

Lady Christiana Onah

Mr. Daniel Ogenyi

Lady Joy Obayi


2000 – 2008:  Finance Cooordinator                        –          Lady Evelyn Chikwendu

Financial Secretary                –          Lady Joy Obayi

Treasurer                                –          Mrs. Christiana Itodo.



Lady Ginika Mesigo

Lady Evelyn Onah

Justina Ilo

Lady Ruth Ayogu

Lady Victoria Ozota

Lady Prof. Chiaka Obi

Mrs. Nkiru Akunna

Lady Christiana Onah

Mrs. Ofoezie

Mrs. Dan Ogenyi


2009 – Date:  Finance Coordinator              –          Lady MaryRose Ngwu

Financial Secretary                –          Lady Dr. Joy I. Obayi

Treasurer                                –          Mrs. Charity Eze



Mrs. Odezue

Mrs. Blessing Eze

Mrs. Nkiru Akunna

Mrs. Daniel Ogenyi

Mrs. Esther Omeje

Mrs. Stella Idoko

Lady Ebere Eweni

Mrs. Patience Ossai

Miss. Victoria Ugwu




  1. Establishment of weaving industry for the production of diocesan Mothers Union and Women’s Guild uniforms
  2. Walling and Tiling of the new bishops court
  3. Walling of a part of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Nsukka
  4. Purchase of the diocesan Mothers Union Bus
  5. Furnishing of the old Bishop’s court office with air conditioners and purchase of kitchen utensils for the diocese
  6. Formation of a non governmental organization known as the Family Initiatives which attracted two world bank grants
  7. Construction of a thirty double room two storey Bethany Shopping plaza
  8. Establishment of poultry farm
  9. Construction of a six room building for the production of table water known as SAMAH
  10. Procurement of NAFDAC approval and number and installation of with three machines for satchet water and one machine for bottled water in the complex with all necessary accessories for the water project
  11. Purchase of a brand new Hummer bus for the women ministries
  12. Purchase of a Toyota dyna truck for the marketing of their table water
  13. Refurbishing and equipping of the new bishops  court kitchen
  14. Construction of a big store for kitchen utensils
  15. Commencement of the completion of the remaining part of the Bethany shopping plaza




The member of this unit are:

Mr. Chekwube eneh               –           Co-ordinator

Mrs. Gladys Onah                  –           Member

Mrs. Nwanneka Eze               –           Member

Mrs. Ruth Ezeja                     –           Member

Mrs. Philomina Chukwuemeka-        Member

Mrs. Deborah Ezema             –           Member

Mrs. Esther Mbogu                –           Member

And other co-opted members.


To the glory of God, this unit has been functioning effectively from its inception till date. Its services has been rendered in almost all the programmes and activities held in this great Diocese. The delicious dishes prepared by this great unit are better tasted than explained. God has so much trained our hands that we are doing well under him in preparing both local food and intercontinental dishes; in the words of our Lord Bishop of Nsukka, Rt. Rev. A.E. Agbo (JP), he described our dishes as “digital dishes”. To God be the glory; Amen.


Our services have been rendered in events like:

  1. Diocesan Woman Conferences
  2. Diocesan Synod
  3. Clergy and Clergy Wives Retreats
  4. Lay Pastors and Wives Retreats
  5. Diocesan Finance Board Meetings
  6. Consecration of Bishop
  7. Diocesan Women Executive meetings
  8. Ordination Retreats
  9. End of the year party for clergy/wives and diocesan Officials
  10. Knight and St. Paul events
  11. Child dedication events
  12. Many other special occasions.


Our kitchen is well equipped with modern kitchen utensils and facilities.
We render also out-door catering services and training workshop programme for people that needed to upgrade their kitchen knowledge and expertise.
We commend the Laudable effort of our sweet Mummy, the President of the Women Ministry, Mrs. Ifeoma A. Agbo (JP) in the up-keeping of this unit. Her support is immeasurable.


The aim of this unit is to foresee the wellbeing of our members during any programme in the Diocese.


The activities of the unit are as follows:-

  • Treatment of minor ailment during conferences, Youth rally, workshops etc.
  • Checking of vital observations as Temperature, pulse, Respirations and Blood pressure of members when need arises during programmes.
  • Giving Health Talks during programmes.
  • Carrying out of some laboratory investigations eg. Fating Blood Sugar, Hemoglobin level etc.
  • Dressing of wounds after sport during youth Rally
  • Joining action and outreach unit during their outings, carry out tests, treatment and going one for evangelism.



The existence of this unit in Nsukka Diocese dates back to the beginning of the Diocese. Our Motto is “Show the Light”, which calls on all young girls (singles) to show the light of Jesus Christi to those in darkness.


1. St. John’s Church, Onuiyi 2nd Sept. 1995 “In the steps of Jesus Christ” (1 Pet. 2:11) Dr. (Mrs.) Stella Ify Madueme –Unit co-ordinator (94-2007)
2. St. John’s Church, Edemani 13th Sept. 1997 “Godliness with contentment” (1 Tim. 6:6)  
3. St. James’ Church, Orba 7th Oct. 1998 “Flee youthful lusts”

(2 Tim. 2:33)

4. St. Stephen’s Church, Eha-Alumona 16th Oct. 1999 “In the world yet unspotted by it” (2 Tim. 2:12) Mrs. Nkechinyere Ukwueze- Unit co-ordinator 2007-till date
5. St. Andrew’s Church, Ibagwa-Aka 16th Sept. 2000 “Ambassadors for Christ” (2 Cor. 5:20) Rev. Collins. Ik. Ugwu Chaplain from 1994-2003
6. St. Peter’s Church, Ovoko 8th Sept. 2001 “That I may know Him” (Phil. 3:10)  
7. St. Bartholomew’s Church Amachalla,(Amufie Archdeaconry) June, 2002 “Remember now thy creator in the days of thy youth”..(eccl. 12:1a) Rev. L.C Ukwueze &Rev.U.P Ofoezie Chaplains from 2004-2008.
8. St. Andrew’s church, Ikem (Eha-Amufu Archdeaconry) 26th July, 2003 “Living Sacrifice” (rom. 12:1-2) Rev.M.E Ezema Chaplain from 2008 till date
9. St. Philip’s Church, Ozalla, (Nsukka Archdeaconry) 26th June, 2004 “In his steps” (1 Peter 2:21) Rev Canon K.S.E Obeta Chaplain from 2013.
10. St. Mark’s Church, Obukpa 25th June, 2005 “In his steps” (1 Peter 2:21)  
11. St. Luke’s church Amufie 27th May, 2006 “Dwelling in God’s Tabernacle” (Psalm 15:1)  
12. St. Mathew’s Church Mgbuji (Eha-amufu Archdeaconry) 24th-27th Aug. 2007 “The Prayer of Jabez” (1 Chron. 4:9-10)  
13. St. John’s Church, Onuiyi Nsukka Archdeaconry 14th June, 2008 “Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever” (Heb. 13:8)


14 All Saints Church Obollo-Afor.(Uduledem Archdeaconry) 30th May,2009 Upon Mount Zion (Oba.17) Hosting on Archdeaconry level ended.
15. St. Stephen’s Parish Eha-Alumona. (St. Stephens’ Parish) 29th May, 2010. Shalom! Shalom! (Isa.26:3) Hosting on parish level commenced.
16. St. Paul’s Church Uda. (Uda Parish) 21st May, 2011. Let your light so shine. (Matt.5:16) Launching stopped.
17. St. Marks’ Church Umuopu.(Umuopu Parish) 2nd June, 2012. Let your Anchor hold.(Heb.6:19)  
18. St. Mary’s Church Iheakpu-Awka. (Iheakpu-Awka Parish) 24th – 26th May, 2013. The Ancient Path. (Jere.6:16.) A-3-days maiden conference in Bishop Agbo’s regime




This unit was operated alongside the Students Unit under the name “Students and Young Couple Unit” until on the 11th of August, 2003, when it was separated from the students’ unit due to the perceived difference in their visions. It was then this unit is incorporated into the Women Ministries. It focuses on the young families of about 1-20 years of marriage.   Members of the Executive include the following:

  1. Lady Nkechi C. Ikpeze – Co-ordinator
  2. Lady Joyce Adibe – Assistant Co-ordinator
  3. Theresa Onah
  4. Chinasa Eze
  5. Ngozi Omeje
  6. Archdeaconries Co-ordinators

Mrs. Roseline U. Ilonuba was her first President while Mrs. Ifeoma A. Agbo took over from her in 2008. Rev. C. Eze (now a Venerable) and Rev. Ekene Eze became the first Chaplains, Ven. Clifford M. O. Ugwuanyi succeeded them, and presently, Rev. Canon Kingsley S.E. Obeta and Rev. Matthew E. Ezema are the Chaplains.

Although the vision of this unit was not spelt out in the letter appointing us as Executivemembers of the unit, the maiden meeting which was held on the 30th of August, 2003, articulated and deliberated on what the vision of the unit would be. Finally, the vision of this unit was drawn from proverbs 31:10-31, anchoring on Proverbs 31:28.

The proponents of this unit must have envisaged the enormous tasks ahead and challenges facing the young wives before instituting this unit. The motive behind this, was to build a sustainable and prosperous Christian families in the Diocese worthy of emulation. Thus, it caters for the spiritual, physical, psychological, mental and social wellbeing of members of this unit.

The unit among other things understands the complexity of marriages and its effect on the unborn and born children. It therefore tries to reduce the incidence of divorce which is common among this group through the word of God, Bible studies which is the spiritual food needed in raising godly children in the society.

Entrepreneurship, self employment and self reliance leading to food sufficiency in the family and the state. The unit encourages deep inter-personal relationship between husband and wives, where Jesus reigns in the family.

In Gen. 2:18, when God took the decision that man should not be alone, He, God considered a lot of things before saying, “I will make him a helper fit for him.” In Gen. 2:22, God created the woman and in verse 24 referred to her as a wife (Revised Standard Version). The young wife should be shaped properly, rough edges and sharp areas smoothen out in order to fit the man.

It is upon this premise that the objectives of this unit was drawn. The objectives were divided into two:

  1. Spiritual objectives.
  2. General objectives.

Spiritual Objectives

  1. To bring the young wives to the full knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. To create awareness to the importance of family prayers and worship (the family that prays together stays together).
  3. To bring up the children early in the fear of the Lord.
  4. To inculcate early enough to the children the tradition of worship in the Anglican Communion.
  5. To be committed to the things of God especially being involved in various activities within the church and the Diocese.
  6. To encourage early admission into W.G. and Mothers Union.


  1. To improve the status of women in the family.
  2. To develop strategies aimed at improving relationships between wives and their husbands or spouses.
  3. To improve the general standard of living and quality of life in the family.
  4. To educate them on proper child up-bringing and care.
  5. To impact healthy life style in the family.
  6. Introduction of programmes to guarantee freedom from hunger and inadequate nutrition.
  7. To create awareness to the adverse effect of dirty environment on the health of the members of the family.
  8. To educate women on various methods of food preparation in the home.
  9. To teach them the basic principles of consumption and how to be wise consumers of products.
  10. To institute programmes designed to foster women’s economic independence.

The unit holds annual conferences geared toward facilitating the achievement of the above stated objectives. The unit has a project on production of Holy Communion wafer and bread making which is in the pipeline (Bethany Bread).