Triumphant Ministry




Recall the charge on inception:

“…We are witnessing at this time, the glorious manifestation of answers to the labour of prayers (cries) of our fore fathers in faith over the land and people of Nsukka and beyond…. Today, I deliver a ‘child’ carried in my ‘womb’ over time into your hands! Do not allow this child to die…” 

                                                                                     His Lordship, Rt. Rev. Aloysius E. Agbo (JP).  

                                                                                              Anglican Bishop of Nsukka Diocese.

                                                                                              16 February 2013

We continue to appreciate the inexplicable mercies and grace of God over His people and the land of Nsukka and beyond for His awesome visitation through the platform of the Triumphant Night Ministry during the period under review. Words are never enough to describe what God has used the ministry to achieve for the people and land of Nsukka, the entire country, Nigeria as well as globally. To Him alone be every glory, dominion, power, splendour, honour etc both now and forever more!  As a follow up to the report emanating from this God-given ministry which formed part of the 2014 Synod presidential address, it is expedient to intimate you with the activities of the Triumphant Ministry covering October 2014-August 2015.

The Ministry has remained an undisputed spiritual platform, an altar upon which heaven was to fulfill this divine mandate of the New Cathedral Building as described in the book of Prophet Isaiah Chapter2: 1-5.  Triumphant Night was envisioned to be A SENTINEL MONTHLY GATHERING, A DIOCESAN. AND INTER-DENOMINATIONAL PRAYER CONVOCATION FOR ALL, TARGETED AT TOUCHING THE LAND AND IT’S PEOPLE WITH THE POWER GOSPEL. This reviving all night vigil has proven to be A NIGHT OF WORSHIP, WORD AND WARFARE. The heavily anointed programme has been running on every second Friday of the month except when there is absolute necessity and wisdom to make a change as was witnessed during the election period in Nigeria. The average attendance has remained slightly above 6,000 persons besides children and young people with the messages being purely bible-based and undiluted with several stunning miracles following especially during ministrations and counseling hour. The Bishop and his wife have continued to be a source of strong supports and encouragement to the Ministry alongside other members of the house of clergy.   The January 2015 as usual held for three (3) nights in conjunction with the annual Diocesan Prayer Convocation with an estimated attendance of over 13,000 persons.


The leadership has remained what the Bishop approved from inception with Rev. (Dr.) Moses Ebuka Omeke as the Co-ordinator of the programme. Others are: Assistant Co-ordinator-Bro. (Dr.) Edwin Omeje; Lighting system-Evangelist Sunday Asogwa, Prayers-Evangelist Obumneme Ozioko, Counselling and Ushering- Pastor Ugbabe and Venerable Nnamdi Ijeudo among others. As expected, every fastly growing ministry will face challenges but we thank God so far for his grace and favour. For example, the expenditure profile of the Ministry has been growing steadily following the movement of the venue to inside the new Cathedral Church necessitating the need for sophisticated musical and sound equipment. The Co-ordinator, moved by God with the Bishop’s approval requested for donations towards the purchase of muscical equipment in the early part of 2015. This exercise, to the glory of God raised a pledge of over nine (9) million naira (N9, 000,000.00) out which approximately five (5) million naira (N5, 000,000.00) has been spent on procurement of standard muscical equipment with their installations totaling over six (6) million naira (N6, 000, 000.00). The implication is that the ministry owes currently but the trust remains that God will touch those that pledged to redeem their vows as soon as possible.  This remarkable achievement is besides the sophisticated studio equipment costing over eight hundred thousand naira (N800, 000.00) procured through the ministry shortly before the 2014 synod at St Mary’s Opi. Praise God! The monthly TV broadcasting of the programme anchored at the Anglican Cable Network of Nigeria (ACNN) every Sunday (6-7 pm) and costing 24,000 naira monthly became off-air recently due to huge back log of debts. However, some brethren, about twenty (20) of them have pledged to sponsor the broadcast of the programme. Till date only few have redeemed and which cannot pay off the old debt. However, the Ministry has not borrowed money as God been sustaining it miraculously. However, to continue with this testimony, our prayer is that God will touch the hearts of men towards more sacrificial giving to the ministry.  The ministry suffered a very heavy and painful loss of one her co-labourer and a younger brother to the Co-ordinator, late Chimaobi Omeke.  This death occurred immediately after the June Triumphant Programme, on their way back to Enugu early morning of 13th July 2015. We are already consoled by the Perfect Comforter, HOLY SPIRIT. Hear excerpts from the Co-ordinator, Rev. Canon (Dr.) Ebuka Moses Omeke during His Charge in one the prayer retreats after the death of Chimaobi, in the month of July 2015, “…What God’s power can stop from occurring, His perfect wisdom can allow it happen. This is the only explanation on why our brother should die at this time of the ministry, especially after a whole night’s ministration. The death signifies that the Ministry and specifically the ministers is about to blossom into greater glory but will certainly come with great challenges. This death is reminding us that we have enjoyed immeasurable grace from God since the inception of the Triumphant Ministry but that now, God would want us to become more dedicated and avoid loopholes. All along, were foot soldiers and horse men but from henceforth, God expects us to become men of Chariots that fly into battles ….”   Consequently, the ministry, with the Bishop’s approval has embarked on serious re-organization of her programmes and structures, time management and improved activities being prominent. The Tuesday counseling has been re-organized with increased efficiency.  It is pertinent to request that we all of us must thank God for miraculously rescuing the life of the wife of one the co-labourer in ministry, Pastor Johnson, who underwent Caesarian section in the hands of a strange medical doctor practicing in a remote part of Ovoko in Igbo-Eze South Local Government Area of Enugu State. It was indeed a terrible battle but the Lord prevailed!  In addition, the Co-ordinator, in obedience to a strict instruction from God, commenced the Triumphant School of Ministry and Miracles on Tuesday, 25th August 2015. There are several other innovations that time and space will not allow us to present in this report.  Let me re-emphasize at this juncture, that that majority of those who attend the programme are not Anglicans by denomination which is a strong prove that the vision is from God. However, we strongly encourage you to also try to be part of this move of God by, at least, attending. Don’t miss out completely. Dearly beloved people of God, it is clear that the Triumphant Ministry has remained the God’s ordained platform for the long-awaited transformation of the land and the people of Nsukka and beyond through the power gospel. As usual, I implore us under God, to continue to pray and support the vision.