Faith Foundation Mission Hospital


Dedication of Central Laboratory


Commissioning of the Central Laboratory



(A medical arm of Anglican Diocese of Nsukka)

Faith Foundation Mission Hospital was divinely conceived into the heart of His Lordship Rt. Rev. Aloysius Eze Agbo in the year 2008 immediately he became the Bishop of Nsukka Diocese. It was his first project as a Bishop. After renovation and addition on the old cathedral Archdeacon’s house that took over five million naira, it became a hospital and it was commissioned on 3rd Nov 2008 by His Lordship Rt. Rev. A.E. Agbo. The commissioning witnessed the presence of the then commissioner for health (Enugu State) Dr. Chukwunweike and seven Bishops.

Before the renovation work on the building started, His Lordship had earlier appointed the hospital administrator in the person of Ven. Christian Chukwuma Eze. And other 16 members of the Diocesan medical board.

They are:

  • C. B Eze   — Chairman
  • Pharm. F. Okoye  — Sec
  • C. C Eze —- Administrator
  • Pharm. Edwin Omeje — Asst. Sec
  • Dr. S .U Chukwuemeka —  CMD
  • A.E Onwurah                ——   Member
  • C.I. Ogonu                    ——-        ,,
  •          E.C. Ibezim                ——-        ,,
  • (Mrs) P.O. Osadebe   ——-       ,,
  • Kate Nnamani ——-       ,,
  • A.N.C. Ogbochie         ——-       ,,
  • Nkechi Ogbuele          ——-       ,,
  • Lady Philo Ugwuoke            ——-       ,,
  • Matthias Otti                ——       ,,
  • Bro Damian Ezema              ——       ,,
  • Lady Nkechi Ikpeze              ——-      ,,

The board was officially inaugurated by His Lordship Rt. Rev. A.E. Agbo on 5th Sept, 2008 and action started immediately. One good testimony is that up till now, the board is still functioning


Actually, the hospital has not grown much but today is much greater than yesterday. Barely one year of our existence the hospital got favour from the PATHS 2 programme in the state and something that can be regarded as a takeoff grant was received by the hospital, because the equipments and drugs worth more than fifteen million naira were supplied to the hospital. The solidity of the hospital today is anchored on that support.  The hospital started with a house officer (female) in the person of Dr. Precious Azugbene, but now we have 3 specialists and 2 resident doctors. We started with 25 beds but now we have over 35 beds.


  • PHARMACY: Under this unit, we have a pharmacist and other four pharmacy technicians

Because the unit works for 24hrs. The unit doesn’t get drugs from the market but from the pharmaceutical companies. Our mark up is always at the considerable rate because we operate under (DRF) system.


  • LABORATORY: This unit is headed by a lab scientist and there are four lab assistant that work under him because the unit renders 24hrs services.

Within this unit, we are having 5 departments such as HARMATOLOGY, BLOOD CERELOGY, PARASTOLOGY, MICRO BIOLOGY AND CHEMISTRY. Under, the chemistry department, we were recently favored with the donation of chemistry analyzer (machine), cyflow counter (CD4 count machine) and spectra photometer.


  • RADIOLOGY UNIT: Under this unit, we have a radiographer and a clerk. We have ultra modern x-ray machine and ultra-sound machine. They were all procured through the services of the hospital.


  • MORTUARY UNIT: The hospital by December 19th 2011 commissioned a modern mortuary through His Lordship Rt. Rev. Aloysius Eze Agbo (Jp). The mortuary capacity is about 80 corpses at a time. We have 2 morticians in that department including the security and a Gardner since it is located outside the hospital compound.



As I said before, apart from the general clinic the hospital has been running since the inception, the hospital is now offering the following

  • ORTHOPEDIC CLINIC: Once in a week (Mondays). The specialist comes from university of Nigeria teaching hospital (UNTH). The service is on 24hrs if there is any emergency. In his clinic Days, he offers plastic reconstruction surgery and plain clinic.

(2) OPHTHALMOLOGY: Every Thursday of the week, the ophthalmologist from park-lane teaching hospital holds his clinic. In his days, he handles eye surgery and other general eye clinic and optometric cases. Because of the interests the hospital has for this programme, considering the fact that there is no other ophthalmology clinic around, we have acquired SLIT LAMP, APLANATION TONOMETER and OPERATING MICROSCOPE just to ensure that the clinic will not suffer set back.

(3) OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY: This clinic holds every Thursday by gynecologist from UNTH. He handles infertility and obstetrics and gynecology clinics.

(4) HIV CLINIC: Because of the rapid spread of HIV/AIDS and stigmatization attached to those leaving with it. The hospital was challenged considering our inclination as MISSION, we are now partnering with a body known as CENTRE FOR CLINIC CARE and RESEARCH NIGERIA (CCCRN) and INITIATIVE FOR GOOD HEALTH (IGH). Various workshops had been attended within and outside state by the focal persons. Since then the HIV patients started feeling relieved and protected because in our OPD unit, everybody sits together without anyone knowing each other’s problem. This programme started by February this year.

Clinical  activities of the hospital.

This is not to present the general activities of the hospital but to show some statistics of daily attendant of patience. We will just use 2012 to represent other years.

Jan–December 2012 NO of Ortho




No of O PD Adult      No of OPD children No of



No of Admission Adult No of delivery total Male Female No of Antenatal  No  of  C\S Mortality 



m  f  c

No of other surgery
Jan 44 234 28 10 24 6 3 3 18 2 2 14
Feb 43 212 34 2 43 1 1 17 13
Mar 45 225 42 8 37 6 2 4 24 2 17
Apr 62 249 18 12 52 5 2 3 16 1 1 9
May 53 294 30 20 38 9 3 6 22 3 6
June 51 286 51 5 29 5 2 3 33 1 1 19
July 58 254 46 4 43 4 3 2 31 2 1 2 16
Aug 70 291 39 18 53 6 1 5 39 1 1 1 15
Sept 69 295 45 21 60 8 4 4 42 20
Oct 61 285 49 28 59 9 5 4 40 3 22
Nov 67 300 40 15 56 8 3 5 41 2 17
Dec 55 28 39 19 50 10 6 4 33 4 1 1 1 19
TOTAL 678 2953 509 162 544 77 44 43 356 23 4 5 1 187 


PROSPECT OF THE HOSPITAL: The hospital has a vast area of land which our patriarchs have acquired for the church. Thank God for His Lordship Rt. Rev. A.E. Agbo the Bishop of Nsukka Diocese for dedicating the entire land for hospital complex. The hospital is presently building another hospital structure which is capable of accommodating sixty beds and other offices. It is still our intention to establish a school of nursing as well as laboratory schools, but we are handicapped now due to lack of finance. It is our long term project which the Lord will help us to actualize.

CANTEEN AND PROVISION STORE: The hospital had recently completed the building of canteen which can accommodate the staff, patients/relatives as well as visitors to the hospital and outsiders. By the time it will be commissioned, and manned by a dietitian, it will take care of dietary problem of the patients.


1 Administrator 1
2 Doctors(Resident/specialists) 5
3 Nurses/chews 15
4 Morticians 2
5 Lab Scientist 1
6 Lab assistant 4
7 Pharmacist 1
8 Pharmacy tech. 4
9 Finance Officer 1
10 Cahiers 2
11 Clerks 4
12 Radiographer 1
13 Attendant 5
14 Gardner 2
15 Security 3


CONCLUSION: I will just conclude by asking God to please send us help to see those that will partner with us in bringing our vision to a reality. I mean the vision of converting the entire vast area of land to a hospital complex. IT IS OUR VISSION