Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC) came into being in Nsukka in 1988. The name then was Operation Good News (OGN). The theme for the formal organized crusade by the group in 1988 was “Onwu di n’ite” (death is in the pot). The Speaker was Brother Awuzie now Ven. Stanley. The fellowship retained Operation Good News from 1988 to 1989. In 1990 Ven. Onibere inaugurated the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Communion (EFAC) under the leadership of then Bro. Simon Omeke who is now Rev. Canon Simon Omeke. Archdeacon of Nsukka and Abalike was late Ven. Ugwuanyi. EFAC was sub-zone of Enugu. Rev. S. Omeke remained the leader till 1992. In 1992 he left the leadership. Bro. Steve Dimelu now Ven. Steve Dimelu took over the leadership. In 1995 Nsukka became a zone under the leadership of Ven. Steve Dimelu. Daddy Steve Dimelu remained the Coordinator till September 2009 when he handed the leadership over to Canon Godwin Eze.


Zonal Vision Statements

  1. To build up and mature the saint in faith.
  2. To revive some dying groups within the zone.
  3. To plant EFAC groups in areas of none existence
  4. To raise up leaders of sound leadership qualities.
  5. To help in church planting in the Diocese.
  6. To raise up youths that have a deep commitment to Christ and develop them for future leadership.
  7. To set up a smooth administrative machinery for running the ministry of EFAC in the zone.
  8. To pursue a long and short term projects that will make the ministry of EFAC prosper. Such project include;
    1. To build more guest houses to make EFAC center look more like a camp center.
    2. To build a tent house that will contain about five thousand worshippers at a sitting.
    3. To build business centers that will be a money yielding venture to reduce financial load on the brethren.
  9. To maintain adequately all the structures and equipments handed over to the new leaders by our immediate past leaders.
  10. To effectively represent Nsukka zone at the national level and eastern block and to fulfill all our financial obligation to each of the level as and when due.


Ways of Achievement the said Visions

  1. To organize Revival/Teaching programmes at all levels of the fellowship.
  2. To organize the zone for proper Evangelism through gospel outreaches in the Diocese.
  3. To have adequate team visitation to both the area and group fellowship.
  4. To organize Retreat/Revival in local churches where EFAC is not existing and in the course EFAC is not existing and in the course, plant an EFAC group there.
  5. To liaise with the Diocese leadership orientation/training programme both at the group/area and zonal level.
  6. To regularly organize leadership orientation/training programme both at the group/Area and zonal level.
  7. To raise up some elders in EFAC assign them into some relevant sub-committees for a smoother administrative running of the ministry. Such committees include
    1. Zonal marriage committee
    2. Zonal fund raising project implementation committee
    3. Zonal medical committee
    4. Zonal adversary committees
    5. Zonal welfare committees
    6. Zonal committee on public relation and Government matters
    7. Zonal committee on home and abroad matters
    8. Zonal Disciplinary/Conflict resolution committee
    9. Zonal structural/Equipment committee
  8. Give scholarship award to youths to encourage quality education in the zone.


Developing Resource Persons in the Diocese

The EFAC Nsukka zone has continuously been involved in developing human power for the Diocese. Through the ministry of EFAC many Evangelist, Pastors, Teachers, Leaders, Musicians and Priests have been raised in the Diocese.

At the church, Parish, Archdeaconry and Diocesan levels have produced committed church workers ranging from local church committee members, peoples and pastors warden in churches, treasurers. Sunday School Teacher, Leaders of Zones, other organizations etc.




  1. Leadership Training Programme

This is a programme design to train and retrain leaders of the fellowship at all levels from the zonal, sub-zonal and group grass root level. This training and retraining programme is a typology of discipleship where leaders are raised to raise others. This training programmes hold three times every year (January, March and September).


  1. Grassroot Fellowship:

EFAC of this zone meets in churches twice in the week for Bible Studies, prayers, Evangelism and fellowship.


  1. Sister’s Convention:

This is a general programme design for the women forum of the fellowship. It embraces both the younger and older women. It is a peculiar meeting where women related problems are handled.


  1. Mission/Church Planting:

The EFAC Ministry is involved in mission work and church planting in the two Dioceses that make up the zone. One month mission work and church planting is organized in the month of April and August respectively.


  1. Economic Empowerment:

The zone organizes workshops foreconomic empowerment for both the youth and adult applicants. Here skills are thought which can be utilized to start small scale industries to enable us over power poverty.



  1. EFAC Week:

This is one whole designated for EFAC activities in zone. It futures: Revival, retreat, chuch platning, crusades in all churches that make up the Dioceses it is held.


  1. Fire Conference:

The zone runs fire conference that holds every last Thursday to Saturday of August yearly. It is a power refreshing conference.

  1. Leadership Set Apart:

It is a praying and fasting meeting that holds for three days in January the beginning of every year.

  1. Zonal Joint Fellowship:

It is a programme designed to bring all the different churches that make up the sub-zone to worship in a designated church and also have their fellowship. It is organized three times in a year (March, June and September).

  1. Zonal End Year Camp:

This is a major and the highest revival programme of the EFAC ministry. This features both the clergy and their wives and the general convention of the ministry. It is held in third (3rd) week of December yearly.






EFAC over the years have been involved in the training of clergy men in Nsukka Diocese.


EFAC has helped in building worship church house for some missionary churches in the Dioceses. Also the ministry is strongly involved in payment of salaries to some pastors of the missionary churches.



EFAC of Nsukka zone over the years have been awarding scholarship award to secondary school students and students of higher institutions.


The EFAC of the zone is developing a conference center for retreat, conferences and camp meetings. We have built a mini-conference hall and one guest house and recently we are developing a shop plaza round about the center.


The ministry bought three (3) tent of meetinghaving a capacity of 2 to 3 hundred people per room. It is still in use till today.


The zone at diverse times have had a general donation to support the financial needs of the Diocese.



EFAC in this zone have recovered so many people from the grave of darkness and have disciple same for the kingdom of Christ.